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Clay attracted me with its ability to ground the ephemerality of words, translate them into a completely new material dimension, and brought the missing balance into my life. This is my way of giving flesh to ideas, giving them form, color and texture, fitting them into the surrounding space. As with the text, I strive to make each series of works a complete statement, looking for internal rhythms and rhymes.
My work is a game with the viewer. They contain clues, references to a certain context that can be guessed. However, it is not at all necessary to analyze; you can simply enjoy contemplation or touch.
I use hand modeling, depending on the idea I choose the technique of strands or layers. In my practice I pay special attention to experiments with glaze chemistry. For me it is just as important to give the surface of the work the desired color and texture as it is to embody the intended outlines in the material. However, the magic of ceramics is that I am always excited to open the kiln and surprised by the results.
Tatyana Yakusheva


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