Ceramics in my case is a cast of the living process of my movement through the space of life, recognizing new sides of myself and the environment, matter, in this case clay, and ways of creating. Therefore, it rarely happens to be repeated in  forms.
The actual and internal proximity to the sea (I live and create on the Baltic coast) probably couldn should be reflected in my work, so many are associated with sea and coastal life in forms, textures and color palette.
However, there are ideas of the principle of form formation, which are closer to me at this moment. Forms are often born in the process of modeling, sometimes they are transformed beyond recognition as the work progresses. In my work, I often start from the material, its plastic properties, texture. I try to see, to guess the form on the way of its birth. Therefore, I almost do not make sketches or blanks, or they are exclusively in the nature of a hint, an emotional impression that I would like to reproduce in clay.
Margarita Pisareva


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