In  my work, a special place is occupied by  porcelain. Feeling my own character in it, I have no goal to subordinate it to myself, I try to find a compromise between what I want to say as an author and how this material would like to  express yourself.
I want to use the properties of this material — whiteness, strength, transparency — in unusual forms, direct, with living character. I often take the details of objects and factures taken from real things, plants, and combine them so that the work turns out to be a bit paradoxical, strange. I am attracted by such a synthesis — a reality-replicating surface with an unrecognizable shape.
I  love biscuit porcelain, that is  not decorated with glazes, and usually combine different techniques — casting into gypsum molds, hand molding.
1992 — 1996 Moscow Humanitarian University
2013 — 2015 Moscow School of Porcelain
2020 advanced training course "Artistic ceramics" in  MGKhPA named after  Stroganov

Selected exhibition projects
2022, 2021, 2020 Tryn*Trava, Moscow
2022 Cluster London (digital member), London
2019 New craft, Perm

Biennials, fairs
2022 Art House, Winzavod, Moscow
2021 Dialogue of Cultures, House of Porcelain, Moscow
2021 Art Russia Fair, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow
2018 Invented and Made in Russia, DPI Museum, Moscow
2018 16th Architecture Biennale in  Venice as part of the Seasons team

2021 Vetki Residence, Art Hotel White Alley, Moscow
Kira Kostina
In  ceramics I explore what I can not afford to do in porcelain, mostly this is a large volume, or when you want the brightness of colors, a special texture. Like any clay, it is infinitely variable and ready to embody any idea.


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